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Over the last 10 years, I have helped create the following companies and organizations. 


2015 - Present


InfluenceLogic Icon.png

Actively partners high growth DTC brands with creators to drive massive scale and impact. InfluenceLogic's platform and services power the biggest influencer and performance marketing programs on the internet >> BetterHelp, LetsGetChecked, SNHU, Aura, Ombre, & more.

2018 - Present

Creator Org Icon.png

An organization dedicated to leading the Creator Economy to new heights by supporting emerging content creators (and often their parents). Our mission: To help creators Learn, Grow, and Give Back.

2020 - Present

Authority Media Group

AMG Icon.png

AMG exists to support content creators who have gained significant traction but need additional support to maximize their revenue and impact. AMG provides technology, marketing services, human resources, and investment capital.

2021 - Present

Airfield Ventures

Airfield Ventures Logo Icon.png

Airfield Ventures invests in DTC brands that can be wildly successful in the Creator Economy with influencer marketing and software companies that help creators make more money or growth their audiences.

2021 - Present

Owl Icon OVG.png

Owl Venture Group

OVG is my personal LLC for independent and creative projects that are not affiliated with any other of my companies.

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